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In 1982, under the scrupulous care of William "Tucker" Kavanaugh, Chef Michael Anderson's culinary career started at Storrowton Tavern with the title of "Dishwasher". A vague title at best, Michael’s duties included far more than that name implies, for he quickly assumed responsibility for far more than just culinary arts. (You see, in the restaurant industry, first you must learn to clean the kitchen before you are allowed to cook in it.)  With time, experience, and an education from Holyoke Community College (1987), Mr. Anderson’s responsibilities grew to involve food, and his titles grew more dignified over time. In 1999, Michael resigned as Executive Chef of Chandler’s Tavern. It had been a dream and a goal to create Tucker's. Michael seized the opportunity to create his own restaurant that caters to any occasion based on a user-friendly menu and truly elegant fair.  Please enjoy the selections on our lunch and dinner menu's and/or sample our daily specials. Substitutions can be made for dietary purposes or discriminating palates. Vegetarian entrees, of course, can be prepared to order. If it's in our icebox, we would be delighted to prepare it for you. If it is not, call a few days in advance next time and we'll see what we can do.